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Most In Demand Jobs In British Columbia

British Columbia Flag 300x246 Most In Demand Jobs In British ColumbiaBritish Columbia has a flourishing economy which makes it a popular choice of destination for work purposes. It has jobs not only for locals but for professionals overseas as well. In fact, there is an increasing rate of job applications in BC that comes from international professionals.

Is There A Work For You In British Columbia?

When the job you are applying for is in demand, there is a high chance that you will get employed. What is the chance for you to get employed in British Columbia? The most in demand jobs in British Columbia to date fall under the following industries:

Medical Services – There is a constant demand for jobs that fall under medical services industry. Although there are many locals who can fill the demand for medical services, there are still rooms for overseas applications. British Columbia is in need of doctors, medical specialists, nurses, health care managers, medical lab technologists, pathologists’ assistants, and nurses in specialty areas.

Construction – This industry is always part of any economic advancement. The demand for construction related jobs is a proof that British Columbia is growing economically. It covers building construction, civil construction, and industrial construction. The most in demand jobs in the field of construction include construction managers, civil engineering technologists, construction estimators, building superintendents, industrial electricians, cement finishers, plasterers, drywall installers, finishers, lathers, and painters.

Accommodation And Food Services – Tourism in British Columbia is booming. With all the attractions that this region holds, it comes as no surprise that more and more tourists choose to visit it. This gives way to accommodation and food services jobs like restaurant and food service managers, accommodation services managers, and hotel front desk clerks.

Utilities – These are jobs are the related to electricity, gas, oil, and water. The demand for utility services is increasing; thereby, opening jobs for this industry. Some of the utility related jobs in British Columbia include mining engineers; petroleum engineers; oil and gas well drillers, testers, and laborers.

Education – British Columbia prioritizes education. Latest statistics shows that the current workforce for educational services are aged 45 years and older. This reveals that over the coming years, work opportunities for educators will significantly rise. The in demand jobs for this industry are college instructors and university professors.

British Columbia is a promising place to establish yourself as a professional. Workers get the benefits they deserve. Even workers from other countries get employee benefits as well. No wonder, more and more people are dreaming to go to British Columbia not only for tourism purpose but for work.

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