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Frogs are disappearing!

Non-Profit Organization Fights for their Survival
Litoria chloris hanging ds b 300x225 Frogs are disappearing!Holding on by a limb, the soothing song of a frog may soon vanish from our senses.
2000 amphibian species are threatened with extinction and 200 have already gone extinct since 1979.  SAVE THE FROGS, a non-profit organization based in Santa Cruz, California, battles for their survival.

SAVE THE FROGS is the first and only public charity dedicated exclusively to the protection of amphibian populations.  Started in May 2008 by founder Dr. Kerry Kriger, the organization is working tirelessly to stop the ecologically damaging frog leg trade and campaigning in Washington D.C. to ban the use of Atrazine, a pesticide used widely throughout the U.S. on corn crops. Atrazine inhibits male frogs from producing testosterone. Jeopardizing reproduction, it acts as a catalyst for population decline.

Several frog species, such as the pig frog from Florida, are harvested from their natural environment for use in restaurants.  Together, the two threats could put frogs on the Dinner Specials of last week’s menu.  According to Dr. Kriger, “100 million frog legs are taken globally from the wild for use as food each year.  The number of farm-raised frogs is even higher.” Farm raised frogs, namely the American Bullfrog, can escape and spread a devastating chytrid fungus that kills native frogs. Bullfrogs also eat native wildlife.

SAVE THE FROGS is actively fighting the battle for frogs on many fronts.  Providing essential education to the public, they teach a free laboratory course on amphibian disease prevention to Latin American amphibian biologists and coordinate the annual Save The Frogs Day events for the public to enjoy.  Founder, Dr. Kerry Kriger frequently gives presentations to the eager ears of school groups, zoos, museums, businesses and community groups about the plight of frogs and other amphibians.  They also work with large restaurant chains to ban to use of frog legs in their restaurants.

The groups dedication was made clear this July with their aggressive campaign in Bethesda, MD against the stubborn Uncle Julio’s Rio Grande Restaurant, who sells frog legs as a delicacy.

Amicable police officers surrounded the group, grateful for the cause, as SAVE THE FROGS proudly waved their signs exposing the restaurants deplorable use of frog legs.  Kriger and his collegues educated hundreds of local people about the problem during their two day protest. The dismayed owner continually called the police to no avail.   The police were supportive of the cause and allowed SAVE THE FROGS to protest, as they were in their 1st Amendment rights. black save the frogs logo 300x208 Frogs are disappearing!

Uncle Julio’s Rio Grande refused to concede to the wishes of the determined group, but that does not stop SAVE THE FROGS from continuing to fight. The group predicts their education to the public in Bethesda will pack a punch to the restaurants bottom line.

SAVE THE FROGS continues their efforts to save this fragile species.  Kriger continues the battle throughout the year with educational lectures and educates young children through enticing contests, such as poetry and art. Other frog leg-selling  restaurants will also be targeted this year.

Thanks to the hard work of SAVE THE FROGS, the soothing song of the frog will survive, enjoyed for generations to come.

-April Kern

For more information on SAVE THE FROGS and how you can get involved, please visit


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